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Brazil has some of the most impressive natural beauty in the world and Rio is the jewel of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its music, food, people, culture and natural beauty. Its topography is like no other city in the world, complete with beautiful beaches and a rain forest, all within city limits.

This page is about two of its most interesting wilderness areas in Brazil, the Rio São Francisco and the Pantanal. While I also visited the Amazon jungle area, it was much more difficult to get close to the wildlife in its natural setting, though I did manage to "monkey" around here at the Ariau jungle hotel in the Amazon.

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The Rio São Francisco - I had the unique opportunity in 1995 to take my sabbatical which included a few weeks in Brazil. Part of my trip included a great camping and fishing trip to the Rio São Francisco in the State of Bahia. This was total relaxation and enjoyment, not to mention great fishing. We started out from my father-in-law's house in the state of Minas Gerais, and traveled some 1250 kilometers to our destination in central Bahia on the Rio São Francisco.

To see the daytime fishing activity, i.e., mostly piranhas and other small fish click on the image to the above left to launch the slide show, Part I. Rio São FranciscoThe real fishing action, though, was late at night, typically starting at sunset and continuing until midnight or 1:00 a.m. or so in search of the surubim. To see the night fishing action and the surubim click on the small image to the right, Part II of the slide show.

The Pantanal, is the real jewel of the Brazilian wilderness at least in terms of the readily evident, visible and abundant wildlife. The Pantanal, which is located in the state of Matogrosso in central western Brazil, is a beautiful preserve full of wild life and natural beauty and spreads for 77,220 square miles (almost the size of former West Germany). Getting there was somewhat of an adventure as we had to travel over 100 kilometers of dirt road and bridges to arrive at Porto Jofre on the Cuiabá river. The Pantanal is a huge swampy lowland with lush vegetation, flowers, and many rare species of birds and other animals including capivara, alligators, ducks, herons, piranhas, pecaries, bobcats and jaguars. With the exception of the bobcats, pecaries and jaguars, the other animals were easily seen and observed even from the road. In fact, I saw much more wildlife in its natural state here than in the Amazon. Click on the Transpantaneira image above to see the Pantanal slide show.

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