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Map of Guatemala

Map of Guatemala

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan provides a beautiful backdrop for side trips to the area.

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Lake Atitlan is surrounded by interesting villages where the locals sell their textiles and other wares to curious tourists. We stayed in Panajachel which is a wonderful small town where I purchased many textiles (after I got home, I wish I had bought at least twice as much). I even shipped much of it home so as not to hassle with carrying too much baggage.

I purchased one of my favorite weavings at an outside stand on the walk down to the Lake in Panajachel...yes, that weaving that's just to the right of this text -->> This image is scanned from about a 12 inch sample of an approximately 10 foot -long by 4 inch-wide sash-type weaving that I like to hang over the edge on the side of my living room bookshelf. The selection of beautiful weavings in different sizes, shapes and colors is just mind-boggling.

To visit the nearby villages, we took a boat ride. This gave as an opportunity to appreciate the lake and also see what the rest of the lake lives like. The two other villages that we visited, Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, were much smaller than Panajachel, but probably better examples of typical Guatemalan villages as they have less of the trappings of tourism.

Next stop...Tikal. As you can tell from the map on the left, this calls for an airplane ride. We flew to the nearby city of Flores to visit Tikal.

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