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Map of Guatemala

Map of Guatemala


Tikal is one of the most important archeological sites in the Maya World.

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Jade Mask of TikalTikal is an archeological wonder and has produced many interesting finds. No doubt, many archeologists have made the study of Tikal a major part of their life's work. What I share with you on these pages, then, is just a small taste of the wonders of Tikal.

Perhaps one of the more colorful and mysterious finds at Tikal is the green jade burial mask discovered in the tomb of what is believed to have been the 18th ruler of Tikal, Lord Quetzal (K'uk' Ahau). Found in Burial 160, the mask is thought to date to the early 6th century. The hooked bill on the mask resembles the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal. If you visit Guatemala City, you will find this mask on display at the National Museum of History and Anthropology.

No doubt that you've seen travel brochures or advertisements for travel to Guatemala and Tikal's Temple I plays prominently in the imagery. This is for a good reason as Temple I and its twin, Temple II, stand out for their distinctive style, a style that is no less distinctive than the architecture that symbolizes other famous cities, for example, the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. Click on the image of Temple I below to see a slide show featuring this famous structure.

Tikal is not only an archeological wonder, it is set in the middle of a lush jungle and has much to offer in terms of its fauna, flora and natural beauty. In my travels to Latin America, I have always been impressed by the size, magnificence and beauty of the venerated Seiba Tree shown here to the right. To see photos representing the lush natural setting of Tikal, click on the image of the Seiba tree to launch a Quicktime slideshow .

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